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Our Logo: The Green Earth Sankofa.

The Sankofa is an ancient Adinkra symbol of history and caring for present and future generations. Sankofa is running into the future, while at the same time looking to the past stories and nurturing her precious egg of the future generations. We adapted

to Earth colors for natural and historic preservation and global ecosocial justice.  READ MORE ABOUT SANKOFA >

Our Green Earth Sankofa shows the interrelatedness of Land and Story, Environment and History. 

…that promotes eco-social justice and equity for all life,

that fosters a HEALING of the Earth and her people.

Definition of Ecosocial Justice

“Today we have to realize that a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.”

- Pope Francis, Laudato si 5/2015

Ecological justice is both social and environmental justice. “Ecological justice rests on the principle that “everything is interrelated,” and that ethical action in the environmental sphere is central to equity at a social level.”

Ecological justice involves an ethical transformation where healthy relationships of exchange, sharing in co-creating become a central principle of pursuing justice. It requires a practical reconciliation of the relationship between humanity and nature, and involves a multi-party approach that includes engagement with governments, businesses, schools, indigenous groups and the wider community. Justice is holistic. It is relational.

- Jesuit Social Services web

The Drexel-Morrell Center 
  • Ownership of the land and buildings: Belmead on the James, Inc., dba The Drexel-Morrell Center

  • Incorporation: Belmead on the James, Inc., dba The Drexel-Morrell Center was incorporated in 2016 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization. 

  • Tax Exemption: It is further classified as a #1023 Tax Exempt Corporation with the Internal Revenue Service of the US. It is further classified as a Tax Exempt nonprofit business in the State of Virginia.


The Board of Directors
  • The Board of Directors: Belmead on the James, Inc., dba The Drexel-Morrell Center) is the legal owner and operator of “Belmead on the James, Inc.” The Board of Directors is legally responsible for its total operation and management.


Advisory Council 

The Drexel-Morrell Center strategically collaborates with members of the local and national communities in planning and implementation of programs and activities. The role of a member of the Advisory Council is to:

  • advance the mission of The Drexel-Morrell Center, Powhatan, Virginia in its stated mission of natural and historic preservation and education for equity, peace and ecosocial justice.

  • offer advice the Board of Directors/Executive Director, without having to be encumbered with the details of management or formal responsibility.

  • act as an outreach arm of the organization to provide expanding resources and involvement of persons with specific skills and expertise as needed by the board and/or staff.

  • involve potential future board members in a group where they are kept informed about accurate/inspiring/challenging information about the progress of programs and management of the Drexel-Morrell Center.

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