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MISSION: Ecosocial justice

The Drexel Morrell Center is a community who

believes in the power of EDUCATION as an act of justice,

that gives voice to the silenced and forgotten…

and, in the passion of STORYTELLERS AND ARTISTS, 

creates a new story

rooted in the wisdom of the ANCESTORS

that promotes eco-social justice and equity for all life,

that fosters a HEALING

of the Earth and her people.


“The Drexel-Morrell Center is a new place for education,

healing, and justice for a sustainable tomorrow.”


We invite our local and global communities to envision, create and sustain a place that


  • develops as a site for gathering as a community, to research the ancestors’ stories and that shapes and creates a new narrative for the future;

  • creates a place of ecosocial justice that honors the story of the land and the people;

  • establishes a place of education and inspiration dedicated to renewing the Earth where individuals and organizations gather to celebrate the wisdom of the past and create a path for justice today and into the future.


HELP US learn from the natural beauty and interconnectedness of our EARTH.

HELP US gather together people committed to equity, justice and peace for all.  

HELP US tell the story of St. Francis de Sales and St. Emma Military Academy.  

HELP US record and research our local Powhatan African American history.

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